Night Vision Monocular with Infrared Digital HD Rifle Scopes for Military Outdoor

Model: DT-NS8X4

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DT-NS8X4 uses a high-performance super-second generation image intensifier, which greatly improves the viewing clarity and can distinguish adult size targets at a distance of 1-2KM.

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DT-NS8X4 Night Vision Monocular sighting has the function of automatic anti-strong light protection, which is very suitable for outdoor operations. The gun is equipped with an independent and controllable infrared light compensator, which can meet the different operational conditions of the army and the police.

1. Design is exquisite, the ratio is big, the volume is small, the weight is light, the intensity is high.

2. Strive for high-strength impact design; all forces are face-to-face contact, surface force, to ensure product durability.

3. The dividing and adjusting design adopts fast-adjusting and fast-locking design, which is flexible in operation and convenient in use.

4. Anti-exposure eye mask design, to ensure that the use of night environment does not expose their own targets.

Product Specification

IIT Gen2+/Gen3
Magnification 4X
Resolution ( lp/mm) 45-57
Detection sensitivityM 1500
Distinguish distanceM 1000
Lens system F1: 1.4, F85mm
Aperture 55mm
FOVdegree 11.5
Distance of pupil 50mm
Graduation type Back Light red cursor
Minimum mil 1/6MOA  
Diopter range +/-5
Battery type CR123(A)x1
Battery lifeH 40-50
Range of focusM 8--∞
Operating Temperature ( -40 /+60
Relative humidity 5%-98%
Impact resistance >1000G
Environment rating IP65IP67 optional
Dimensionsmm 257x92x90
Weightno battery 850g

1.Battery installation

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Rotate the battery cover anticlockwise, remove the battery cover (as shown in figure ① - 1), put one CR123 battery positive pole into the battery cartridge, and then align the negative pole of the battery cover with the battery negative pole of the battery cartridge (as shown in figure ① - 2).


The locking nut of the digital aiming fixing clamp is twisted counterclockwise,and the fixing clamp slot of the digital aiming fixing clamp is corresponded to the pickup guide rail.

The bottom of the clamping groove of the fixing clamp is attached to the top surface of the pickup guide rail.

The locking nut of the clamping fixture is tightened clockwise to complete the installation of the aiming device.

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3.On off setting

As shown in Fig. 3, Turn the work switch

along the clockwise direction.

The knob indicates the location of "ON",

when the system starts to work.

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4. Eyepiece adjustment

Choose a target with moderate brightness. The eyepiece is adjusted Without opening the lens cover. As in Figure 4, Turn the eyepiecehand wheel clockwise or counterclockwise. To match the eyepiece,when the most clear target image can be observed through an eyepiece,The eyepiece adjustment is complete. Different users need to readjust according to their vision.

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5. objective lens adjustment

The objective adjustment is need to see the target at different distances. Before adjusting the lens, must adjust the eyepiece according to the above method. When adjusting the objective lens, choose a dark environment target. As shown in Figure 5,Open the lens cover and aim at the target. Turn the focusing hand wheel clockwise or counterclockwise.Until you see the clearest image of the target, complete the adjustment of the objective lens.When observing targets at different distances, the objective needs to be adjusted again according to the above method.

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