High Performance Second/Third Generation Night Vision

Model: DTS-33

Short Description:

Product Description

The DTS-33N is a high-performance pure military head-mounted night vision device designed by Detyl Optoelectronics, DTS-33N has a large eyepiece aperture, ultra-long pupil distance, high definition, no distortion, light weight, high strength and other characteristics (the overall performance greatly exceeds similar products of the US military) is the ideal choice for military night equipment.


Technical Specifications:

MODE DTS-33N40°)
Generation Gen2+/Gen3(optional)
Magnification 1X
FOV(°) 50+/-2  (40 optional)
Resolution 60-72 lp/mm
Diopter -6~+4  / -4~+6  (Optional
Capability Flip-Up On-Off, Side Flip-Up On-Off
Optical distortion 0.5% Max
Automatic Brightness Control YES
Bright Light Cut-off YES
Infrared Illuminator Built-in(850nm 20mW)
IR Indicator YES
Low Battery Indicator YES
Power Supply CR123x1/AAx1/Battery pack
Battery life 40-100H
Optical distortion <0.5% Max
Eyepiece exit pupil distance 25-40mm
Eyepiece exit pupil diameter 9mm
Eye distance adjustment range 50-80mm
Eye distance locking method Manual locking(optional)
Operating temperature -40–+55
Relative humidity 5%-95%
Waterproof IP65/IP67
Dimensions 108x106x83
Weight 325ghousing/465g(finished)

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