High Performance Second/Third Generation Low Light Night Vision Instrument

Model: DTS-33

Short Description:

DTS-33N binocular night vision instrument is a high performance pure military head-mounted night vision instrument designed by Titai Optoelectronics Co., LTD. The instrument adopts a high performance second/third generation image intensizer, which has a large field of view, a large eyepiece caliber, ultra-far out pupil distance, high clarity imaging, no distortion. Light weight, small size, high strength characteristics (the overall performance is much more than the US military similar products). Night vision instrument built-in infrared auxiliary light source and automatic anti-glare protection system. The product has strong practicability and can be applied to military observation, border and coastal defense reconnaissance, public security surveillance, evidence collection, customs anti-smuggling, etc. in the night without lighting environment. It is the ideal equipment for public security departments, armed police forces, special police forces, and guard patrol.

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