DT-HC31S Easy to operate small volume helmet mount

Model: DT-HC31S

Short Description:

product description:

This universal night vision helmet pendant DT-HC31S product has independent intellectual property rights, has patent protection. This universal night vision helmet pendant is made of high strength aviation aluminum alloy, features full functions, flexible operation, easy to use, durable and so on. Two-axis adjustable with full freedom; Product before and after adjustment, height adjustment, flip shutdown check and other functions. Its interface and function can be interchangeable with universal bulletproof helmet, especially suitable for special operations forces headgear needs.

technical specifications

1 height adjustment +/-13mm Anti-slip chute knob lock
2 Left-right adjustment +/-14mm Anti-slip chute button self-locking
3 Rollover regulation 145 degrees in second gear Flip the self-locking button
4 state inspection Two-point strong magnetic detection Logic coded high intensity magnetic
5 product material High strength space aluminum alloy High precision CNC machining
6 product dimensions 81x68x47mm no packaging
7 product weight 160g no packaging

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