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Model: DTG-18N

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The DTG-18N is not only powered by a battery on the device, but also by a remote battery packs, tethered to the unit via a standard DC cable. It comes with a pack that accepts four 3-Volt CR123A batteries that tend to power the unit for 50-80 hours (IR off). The remote battery pack provides a secondary function as a counterweight, which is needed considering the goggle weighs about 780g.

Model DTG-18N
Structural mode helmeted turnover four-eyed NVG
Battery type Lithium battery (cr123Ax1) / cr123Ax4 external battery pack
Power supply 2.6-4.2V
Installation Head mounted(standard American helmet interface)
Control mode ON/IR/AUTO
Over power consumption <0.2W
 Battery capacity 800-3200maH
Battery life 30-80H
Magnification 1X
 FOV(°) 120×50 +/-2 °Horizontal 120+/-2 °Vertical 50 +/-2 °
Parallelism of optical axis <0.1°
IIT  gen2+ / gen 3
GAIn Auto
Lens system F1.18  22.5mm
MTF 120LP/mm
Optical distortion 3% Max
Relative Illumination >75%
Coating Multilayer broadband coating
 Focus range 250mm-∞
Focus mode  Manual focus facility
eye relief 30mm
Pupil diameter 8mm
 Visibility range -1(+0.5~-2.5)
IPD adjust type Arbitrary continuously adjustable
IPD adjust range 50-85mm
IPD lock type  Manual lock
IR 850nm 20mW
Working temperature range -40–+55℃
Humidity range 5%-95%
Waterproof IP65/IP67
Dimensions 155x136x83mm
Weight 780G(without battery)

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