Video Output and Eyepiece Distance Adjustable Military Night Vision Goggles

Model: DT-NH9X5

Short Description:

The DT-NH9 Night Vision Goggles are equipped with a high-performance second-generation/third-generation image intensifier, with excellent performance, a small size.

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The night vision device has a built-in infrared auxiliary light source and an automatic anti-glare protection system.

It has strong practicability and can be used for military observation, border and coastal defense reconnaissance, public security surveillance, evidence collection, customs anti-smuggling, etc. in the night without lighting. It is an ideal equipment for public security departments, armed police forces, special police forces, and guarding patrols.

The distance between the eyes is adjustable, the imaging is clear, the operation is simple, and it is cost-effective. The magnification can be changed by changing the objective lens (or connecting the extender).

Technical Specifications:

IIT Gen2+ Gen3
Magnification 1X 1X
Resolution 45-57 51-57
Photocathode type S25 GaAs
S/N(db) 15-21 18-25
Luminous sensitivity(μa-lm) 450-500 500-600
MTTFhrs 10,000 10,000
FOV(deg) 42+/-3 42+/-3
Detection distance(m) 180-220 250-300
Adjustable range of eye distance 65+/-5 65+/-5
Diopter(deg) +5/-5 +5/-5
Lens system F1.2, 25mm F1.2, 25mm
Coating Multilayer broadband coating Multilayer broadband coating
Range of focus 0.25--∞ 0.25--∞
Auto anti strong light High Sensitivity, Ultra Fast, Broadband Detection High Sensitivity, Ultra Fast, Broadband Detection
rollover detection Solid non-contact automatic detection Solid non-contact automatic detection
Dimensions (mm) (without eye mask) 130x130x69 130x130x69
 material Aviation aluminum Aviation aluminum
Weight (g) 393 393
Power supply  (volt) 2.6-4.2V 2.6-4.2V
Battery type (V) AA(2) AA(2)
Wavelength of infrared auxiliary light source (nm) 850 850
Wavelength of red-explode lamp source (nm) 808 808
Video capture power supply (optional) External power supply 5V 1W External power supply 5V 1W
Video resolution (optional) Video 1Vp-p SVGA Video 1Vp-p SVGA
Battery life (hours) 80(W/O IR)    40(W/IR) 80(W/O IR)    40(W/IR)
Operating Temperature (C -40/+50 -40/+50
Relative humidity 5%-98% 5%-98%
Environment rating IP65IP67 Optional IP65IP67 Optional


Night vision goggles NH9X DETAIL5

Objective adjustment

The purpose of objective lens adjustment to see clearly at different distances. Before adjusting the objective lens,Please adjust the eyepieces first according to the aforementioned method. When adjusting the objective lens, please select a darker environment. As shown in Figure ④, open the objective lens cover, aim at the target, and turn the objective lens focusing handwheel clockwise or counterclockwise until the clearest environment image is seen, and the objective lens adjustment is completed. When observing targets at different distances, the objective lens needs to be adjusted again according to the aforementioned method.

Infrared mode

When the ambient illuminance is very low (full black environment), and the night vision device cannot observe a clear image, you can turn the work switch clockwise to another gear. the system enters the "IR" mode. At this time, the built-in infrared auxiliary lighting of the product is turned on to ensure normal use in a completely dark environment. Note: In the infrared mode, if you encounter similar equipment, it is easy to expose the target.

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