Tactical Red DOT Sight Weapon Holographic Sight for Air Gun Hunting Accessories

Model: DT-QX8

Short Description:

Product description :

Holographic  sights is Sichuan university of electronic science and technology cooperation with Detyl Electronic company based on the United States EOTECH products research and development of a high performanceHigh precision dual laser holographic sights day and night.It has the advantages of  small volume, light weight, easy to use, dual use-day and night,  no parallax, and so on, is the best choice of the short weapons quickly aim. Very suitable for public security, customs, armed police special security applications.


Technical specifications:

  Model DT-QX81
Optical system Projection method Full No parallax Reverse projection
Magnification 1X
Distance of pupil Unlimited
Material Optical solid glass
Dimensions 30×23+/-1mm
Glass coating Anti-glare (MIL-0-13830A) Antifogging
FOV100mm >15(°)
Graduation cursor Graduation type Redinfrared Reverse projection(NV)
Daytime brightness adjustment 146000:1    20 steps
Nighttime brightness adjustment 1280:1      10 steps
Power spec. Battery type CR123(A)x1
Battery life >550H (daytime mode step 2)
Low battery warning Power Low than 20%,flash cursor
Auto shut off 8H/4H no operation auto shut off(can be set)
Graduation mil Mil range +/-40MOA
Minimum mil 1/2MOA
Mechanical Mountting Fixture MIL-STD-1913
Lock screw
Remountting accuracy 2MOA
Product-Size Dimensions <95x55x65mm
Weight(No battery) <230g
Environmental adaptation Environment specification MIL-STD-810F
Waterproof IP65IP67 optional
Temperature(℃) Operating-40~+65     Storage-50~+75

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Congratulations on your choice of the most innovative holographic sight with advanced holographic technology.

The holographic weapon sight (HWS) expands the range of target recognition, improves the accuracy of aiming, and meets the requirements of aiming from novice shooter to professional shooter. No matter what shooting conditions you are restricted, you can make perfect shots.

Please read this guide carefully before installation and use to ensure that the gun is safe.



The DT-QXM uses a laser to illuminate a holographic reticle pattern embedded in the display window and forms a virtual image of a reticle pattern. The shooter looks through the display window and sees a bright red image of a reticle pattern projected onto the target plane. No light is projected onto the target plane.


(1)Optical system:

Optical magnification: 1 X

Distance of pupil: Infinity

Window material: optical solid glass

Window size: 30*23mm + 1mm

Window coating: in line with the national standard for anti glare (Anti-glare) and anti fog requirements.

Field of view (at 100 meters): 30 m target width can be observed at 10 cm out of pupil distance.


(2) Article brightness:

Reticle type: parallel red light back projection, and support (NV) projection function.

Daytime brightness adjustment range: 146000:1 (brightest to darkest cursor) supports 20 segments of brightness adjustment, of which the first segment is darkest and the 20th segment is brightest (middle brightness at startup)

Night vision mode brightness adjustment range: 1280:1 (cursor brightest to darkest) to support 10 brightness adjustment, of which the first section is the darkest, the 10 section is the brightest. (night vision mode needs to be seen through night vision equipment).


(3)Power requirements:

Battery type: CR123Ax1 can be used continuously for 500 hours (brightness is set to the second gear in the daytime, battery capacity is not less than 800 mAH) under the condition of full charge; Parallel red light back projection, support night vision (NV) projection function.

Weak power warning: When the battery power is lower than 20% (battery voltage is lower than 2.9V), the cursor flashes to indicate that the power is insufficient.

Automatic power on/off: When it is turned on, if there is no operation for more than 8 hours, it will automatically turn off (the shutdown time can also be set to 4 hours).

(4)Adjustment (per click):

Adjustment Range: +/- 40 MOA

Adjustment (per click): Approx. 0.5 MOA (1/2” (12.7mm) at 100 yds (91m)) when Zeroing

(5)Fixture structure:

Card slot: Can be used with 95-type tactical guide rail (national army standard).

Locking method: Rotating threaded locking

Disassembly accuracy: 1-2 MOA.

(6)Appearance size:

Appearance: The whole system is black matte, and the surface is treated with anti-glare and extinction.

Sealing: anti-fogging of the internal optical system (need to evacuate and fill with nitrogen)

Dimensions: (L x W x H):95×55×65mm.

Weight: mounts with card slot ≦230g (without batteries and accessories).

(7)Test environment:

Environmental specifications: meet the requirements of the national military standard.

Waterproof requirement: IP67. Underwater 1m, 30 minutes.

Use temperature: -40 C ~+65 C.

Storage temperature: -50 C ~+75 centigrade.

Impact resistance: >1000G 5Hz

4、Turn on / off:

Press the arrow up button to turn on the sight. The default mid-range at startup.

Each time the sight is turned on, it will automatically detect the electricity (when the battery is not enough.

If the power is not enough, less than 20%, the marker in the observation window will flicker and last for 5 seconds, reminding the user to replace the battery. If the power is above 20%, the marking pattern will show a stable image without flickering.

In normal use, the system will also check the power at any time.

At the same time, press the up / down two brightness adjustment arrows to turn off the machine. Verify that the sight is on/off by looking through the heads-up display window for the reticle.

The holographic sight has the function of automatic closing.

After normal start-up, press the up and NV button for 2 seconds at the same time, and it will be closed automatically after the last button operation for 8 hours.

After normal boot, press down and NV button for 2 seconds at the same time, it will be automatically closed after the last button operation for 4 hours.

5.Replacing the Battery:

Remove the battery cap by turning the cap counterclockwise until the cap pulls away from the battery compartment . After the battery cap is removed, slide the battery out and replace it with a fresh one. A “+” marking can be found on the top of the battery cap ensuring correct battery orientation. To reinstall the battery cap, align the cap with the battery compartment and carefully begin to thread the cap, turning it clockwise. Before you begin tightening the cap, make sure the threads are aligned correctly to avoid cross threading. Verify correct battery installation immediately by turning on the sight and checking if the holographic reticle appears.

Battery Description:

  • 1. Holographic gun aiming uses a CR123A lithium battery. If the battery is misused, the hologram gun will be damaged.
  • The brightness of the pointing line does not fade with the power consumption, but maintains at the same brightness level. But the sight will suddenly die out because of the exhaustion of electricity.
  • When the power is not enough, the partition light mark in the viewport will flash when the power is turned on. For large guns with recoil, this happens when electricity is low.
  • If the hologram light mark suddenly starts flashing when the state is closed, please replace the battery.
  • Some brands of batteries decline faster due to the vibration of recoil.
  • Replace a battery of new batteries before each task.

6、Brightness adjustment:

Press the brightness adjustment button to adjust the brightness of the hologram in the observation window.

With the default state of opening as the criterion, 9 files can be continuously increased up to the top, and 10 files can be reduced continuously down. The brightness settings of the 20 files provide 146000:1 with a range of dynamic adjustment from low to high.


Holographic sight is equipped with Piccadini mounting guide rail. To achieve the best effect and high precision, it is necessary to install the holographic weapon gun correctly. The guide rail is required to be parallel with the gun chamber as far as possible for maximum lifting and wind deviation correction. We strongly recommend the installation of wedge-shaped tenon guides by qualified firearms divisions.

Please follow these steps to install:

1) The hexagonal locking screw and the guide rail clamp are loosened by the inner hexagonal wrench, and the gun and the wedge-shaped tenon clamp are placed under the gun aiming.

2) Put the gun in the groove above the wedge-shaped tenon rail. The best groove is determined by personal preference and different guns Location;

3) Be sure to insert the hexagonal locking screw completely into the groove of the wedge-shaped tenon clamp, push the gun forward as far as possible, and tighten it Lock the screws in the six sides.



1. To loosen the hexagonal locking screw, only the guide rail can be mounted or removed. Do not screw down the screw completely, so as to avoid losing the locking parts.

2, Picng Ni installed the guide rail and can not be installed on all kinds of guns. If you can cooperate with the installation of the guide rail, please contact the factory representative.

8.Aiming and zero adjustment:

Aiming at the gun is an important step to make your guns and guns aim well together.

If the mounting rail is not fully parallel to the gun, the horizontal lifting adjustment may require a gasket to be added to the rail.

The important thing is not to attempt to make a larger adjustment by using the gun aiming device itself. The adjustment of the level and deviation inside the gun aiming is suitable for fine-tuning at a set distance of zero. The final zero adjustment of your weapon and gun sight should be based on the actual firearm and estimated firing distance. If you basically shoot at close range, you can set zero to 50 yards. Shooting from 3 to 6 can help the average hitting point.

9.Wind correction and lift calibration:

The holographic sight adjuster the lifting and wind correction through the stall structure.

The wind correction and lift calibration is located at the right hand side of the gun. The forward knob is the wind correction adjustment knob, followed by the horizontal lift adjustment knob.

Two adjusting knobs for wind correction and lift calibration, each with a variable impact point of 0.5 MOA, can be converted into 50 yards at 1/4 inch and 100 yards at 1/2 inch. A full spin changes the impact point by 12 MOA, which translates into 6 inches at 50 yards and 12 inches at 100 yards.

To lift the impact point, turn the adjusting knob counterclockwise; to lower the impact point, turn the adjusting knob clockwise; to adjust the impact point to the right, adjust the knob clockwise; to adjust the impact point to the left, adjust the knob counterclockwise.

Wind force correction and lifting calibration are set at the factory as the center of the pointing line parallel to the gun rail, and the gun pointing should be close to zero after accurately mounting the guide rail. Do not adjust the knob before installing the guide rail to the gun. Please ensure that the guide rail and gun sight are firmly mounted on the firearms before firing.

Special attention: when the adjusting knob suddenly feels unscrewed, it indicates that it has been adjusted to the end. Do not try to screw forward again, which will damage the gun sight.

1.Packing :

Holographic sight X1

CR123A X1

Wipe the mirror cloth.

2. Laser safety:

The safety level of holographic sight belongs to grade II. When the illumination light of safety level II is completely blocked, the eye can only see the virtual image of the laser marking reflected into the observation window, and its energy is in the laser product level IIa.

If the shell breaks, the eyes may see the beam of illumination. Please turn off the gun power immediately and send the broken gun to the factory for repair.


Your holographic sight is a precision instrument that needs careful protection. The following considerations will help to extend the service life:

1) The optical system and windows are coated with anti-reflective materials. When cleaning the glass surface, the dust on the surface is blown away first. The fingerprints and grease stains can be wiped with lens paper or soft cotton cloth. Before wiping, the surface is wetted with lens cleaning liquid or glass cleaning water. Be sure to wet the surface before cleaning. Do not use dry cloth or paper towels to clean the surface of the glass.

2) all movable parts are permanently lubricated. Do not add lubricating oil to yourself.

3) there is no need to maintain the gun aiming surface. Occasionally use soft cloth to wipe it. Only water based cleaning fluids, such as glass cleaning fluids, ammonia or soapy water, can be used. Do not use solvent cleaning fluids, such as alcohol or acetone.

4) do not disassemble the optical components of gun aiming, which are filled with nitrogen and sealed anti fog treatment.

5) the protective cover is pre installed in the factory and can not be moved. If the hood is in need of maintenance, please contact our service department.

6) private dismantling will no longer give quality assurance.

Quality assurance:

The company provides customers with a one year free warranty period. Once the product is found defective or defective, the company will immediately repair it or replace it.

The Company shall not be liable for any damage or associated damage to the product caused by improper operation, unauthorized disassembly, installation, maintenance, abnormal use, or unauthorized modification.

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