High Quality Head Mounted / Handheld Infrared Military Night Vision Monoculars

Model: DTS-13

Short Description:

DTS-13 is a new product based on the latest optoelectronics technology. It uses high-performance second-generation/third generation image intensifier. It has the characteristics of excellent performance, small size, light weight, clear image, simple operation, high performance-price ratio, and the magnification can be changed by replacing objective lens (or connecting multiplier lens).

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The DT-NH8xx night vision device  is an ideal equipment for public security departments, armed police forces, special police forces, and guarding patrols.


Technical Specifications:

IIT Gen2+ Gen3
Magnification 5X 5X
Resolution 45-57 51-57
Photocathode type S25 GaAs
S/N(db) 15-21 18-25
Luminous sensitivity(μa-lm) 450-500 500-600
MTTF(hrs) 10,000 10,000
FOV(deg) 12+/-3 12+/-3
Detection distance(m) 580-650 650-700
Graduation  cursor Internal (optional) Internal (optional)
Diopter +5/-5 +5/-5
Lens system F1.5 Ф65  FL=90 F1.5, Ф65  FL=90
Coating Multilayer broadband coating Multilayer broadband coating
Range of focus 10M--∞ 10M--∞
Auto anti strong light High Sensitivity, Ultra Fast, Broadband Detection High Sensitivity, Ultra Fast, Broadband Detection
rollover detection Solid non-contact automatic detection Solid non-contact automatic detection
Dimensions (mm) (without eye mask) 220x72x65 220x72x65
Material Aviation Aluminum Alloy Aviation Aluminum Alloy
Weight (g) 535 535
Power supply  (volt) 2.6-4.2V 2.6-4.2V
Battery type (V) CR123A(1) CR123A(1)
Battery life (hours) 80(W/O IR)    40(W/IR) 0(W/O IR)    40(W/IR)
Operating temperature (C -40/+50 -40/+50
Relative humidity 5%-98% 5%-98%
Environment rating IP65(IP67 Optional) IP65(IP67 Optional)


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Head set turning

After the product has been dressed, in the actual use process, If the night vision device is not used for a while, night vision device can be flipped over the helmet. This does not affect the current line of sight,and is convenient to use at any time. When naked eyes need to observe, press the reversal button of the helmet mount, then turn the night vision assembly upward. , When the angle reaches 90 degrees or 180 degrees, loosen the reversal button of the helmet mount, the system will automatically lock the reversal state. When you need to put down the night vision module, you also need to press the flip button of the Helmet Pendant first. The night vision module will automatically turn back to the working position and lock the working position. When the night vision module is turned over to the helmet, the system night watch will be turned off automatically. When turning back to the working position, the night vision system will automatically turn on. And work normally. As shown in Fig.

Multiplying mirror installation

This night vision instrument not only supports the replacement of objective lenses with different magnification. It also supports tandem magnification in order to change the observation rate and meet the requirements of different observation distances. (Tandem multiplier lens does not affect the waterproofing capability of the night vision apparatus itself). Before the series magnification, open the original lens cover, and twist the corresponding aperture doubling mirror directly to the front of the original lens. This doubling mirror also supports direct multistage series connection.

The doubling mirror also supports direct multi-stage series connection, and the series connection mode of the doubling mirror is the same as that of the objective lens. This night vision instrument supports three levels of multiplying mirrors in series, and the maximum doubling is 6X times.

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